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Now more than 8 years after we commenced our operations, new team members still play a key role in providing premium services to our clients. Being part of our team means, you will be dealing with a variety of renowned national and international brands, including Fortune 500 companies.


We are a people helping people business and our success is based on our ability to train individuals on a personal level. We look to train individuals with a student mentality who are eager to learn, develop new skills and grow within our company. Our 4 step development program guarantees personal development, equal opportunities and transparency.


    As part of our dynamic team, you’ll be diving into the world of sales and experiencing a range of exhilarating responsibilities on a daily basis. Picture yourself engaging in various sales-related activities that will keep you energized and motivated. From interacting with customers to showcasing our products or services, you’ll have the chance to make a real impact. With a fun and vibrant work environment, this role is perfect for those looking to kick-start their sales career and embark on an exciting journey filled with growth and success. Get ready to unleash your potential and thrive in the thrilling world of sales!


    As a leader, you will play a pivotal role in various aspects of our organization. You will actively contribute to the hiring process, ensuring the selection of top talent that aligns with our goals and values. Additionally, you will take charge of training new recruits, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their roles. Collaborating closely with management, you will strategize and implement tools and techniques to enhance office management, promoting efficiency and productivity. Your leadership and expertise will be vital in driving our team towards success and fostering a dynamic work environment.



    You will be instrumental in supporting the HR team, conducting impactful business presentations, and ensuring the seamless daily operations of the office. Your assistance in HR initiatives will contribute to the development and success of the team. Additionally, your expertise in delivering compelling business presentations will help drive effective communication and engagement. By efficiently managing the day-to-day office operations, you will play a vital role in maintaining productivity and organizational efficiency. Your contributions as a team leader will be key in achieving our collective goals and fostering a cohesive and thriving work environment.


  • Jr. Partner

    As Jr. Partner, your role encompasses various responsibilities including HR collaboration for workforce development, team management, financial oversight, and maintaining client relationships to exceed expectations. You will play a crucial part in ensuring smooth operations, fostering a productive work environment, managing budgets, and nurturing client satisfaction. Your contributions will be instrumental in driving our success.


  • Senior partner

    As a vital member of Jase Enterprise, your primary responsibility will be to effectively manage the office and ensure its smooth operations. This entails working closely with the HR team to foster a better workforce through development initiatives and taking charge of team management. You will also play a crucial role in financial management, overseeing budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Additionally, maintaining active client relationships and exceeding their expectations will be a key aspect of your role.

    Your commitment to running a well-functioning office, collaborating with HR to enhance the workforce, managing teams, handling financial matters, and nurturing client relationships will contribute significantly to Jase Enterprise’s success. Your efforts will help create an environment of productivity, growth, and exceptional service that propels the organization forward.

Los Angeles

4716 Vineland Ave North Hollywood, CA 91602 United States
(833) 322-0718

Current job openings

– Sales & Marketing Representative

Los Angeles, CA

About JASE Enterprises.

Jase Enterprise is a private sales and marketing firm located in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles! Jase Enterprise was founded in 2010 in Toronto, Ontario. We have since operated client campaigns in two countries: Canada and the U.S. in major markets like Toronto,Houston, and now Los Angeles. We have handled campaigns for well established Fortune 500 companies in the following industries: telecommunications, home improvement (HVAC and plumbing), energy improvement and efficiency, and solar.

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